Homes for Heroes?

What is

Homes for Heroes is a program that was created by a real estate broker (after 9/11) as a way for real estate agents, lenders and other transaction services providers to give back and THANK everyday heroes, (listed below), by giving high quality service coupled with great savings on their related services.


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Who is eligible to participate in the Homes for Heroes program?


Active, retired military personnel, EMT, firefighters, law enforcement, medical professionals, teachers, law enforcement and firefighters and their support staff, if you aren’t sure just call or email me and I will let you know! Teachers can be in the private or public sector.



You must work with a Homes for Heroes affiliated realtor or other service provider. As a realtor service provider you will receive paperwork to complete to have the savings mailed to you or approved to have savings given at closing.

How much do you save? Click here to find out!

can I apply?


The application process is very easy – it’s mostly completed over the phone which normally takes 3 minutes for you to affirm that you are in one of the above mentioned fields. Once verbally confirmed, we will send you a disclosure to electronically sign.


Why should I join this program?


I can’t think of any reasons why you wouldn’t, except perhaps your unsure of me, which is OK! Here’s additional information: The H4H program has an interview/qualification process that selects only qualified service providers to serve their areas local heroes. Besides that:

  • I am a young girl’s mom, a wife, sister, daughter, best friend, avid reader, number lover, researcher, sparkling water -coffee – tequila drinker, bad dancer, fun-seeker, runner, yogi, and a chocolate lover that has soy, corn, sunflower allergies so if you know of any chocolates without those items – let me know!!!
  • My past career lives have been systems, numbers, sales focused. A business I started with two others grossed one billion dollars in revenue in its first three years. I was the first female sales manager in a 30 year old finance company, wherein we increased sales by 30 million that year..
  • My family has served in the military, and law enforcement fields.. I am passionate about hero organizations because I understand the sacrifices and passion that these fields require.
  • If you decide to house hunt with me…(cue Lionel Richie) I’m easy like Sunday morning. I want you to make the right decision for you (or you all). In this phase I will provide you with similarly sold properties, design ideal changes and costs associated with that, plus property information.
  • When it comes to negotiations/dealmaking, I have a “take no prisoners” attitude. One of my clients called it Terminator mode. I love negotiations and I think it’s enjoyment and study of the many styes that makes me successful at it.
  • I ask a lot of questions, so I know how to best serve you.
  • I am direct/straightforward communicator. I like to keep it positive.
  • The Agency is one of the top 3 real estate brokerages in Los Angeles, and we only have 1% of the agents that the other local brokerages have …which means an Agency average agent outperforms all other average agents by nearly 300 times. We do this through collaboration and community of the company. We are a family and when you work with us you become a family member too.

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